25 years of Jesus Youth presence in Tamil Nadu.

Silver Jubilee Celebrations in 2019.

Jesus Youth is an international movement for the Laity approved by the Holy Catholic Church. The movement started in Kerala, has spread its wings across 30 countries and in almost all the states of India. It was rooted in Tamil Nadu

before 25 years, bound in spreading God’s faithful love to the youngsters and beckoning them to closely follow Christ. Though the movement is in constant thanksgiving to God, we particularly employ September 2018 to October 2019 as an year of benediction for the abundant grace and spirit filled guidance by the eternal father through out these 25 years.

Jubilee year being a call for kindling the spirit and igniting new hearts,

will be solemnized with the theme “Reunite-Revive-Reach out”. Jesus Youth Tamil Nadu expects all its committed members who has toiled for the growth of the movement to reunite with their family during this Jubilee year  and as we gratefully remember the older members, in their cordial guidance the budding leaders are to revive their travail with Lord. The tertiary vision of the Jubilee is to Reach out, entering the new doors spread God’s unconditional love. We broaden our vision to stretch our hands to many more in the future and to sustain the ones already existing in Tamil Nadu.

Jubilee is the right time for Tamil Nadu Jesus Youth to  raise our hearts, minds and hands in thanksgiving to God for the innumerable blessings he has showered on us. Our hearts also overwhelm with gratitude for the gift of Bishops, priests, religious and families who poured the life giving Spirit into many of us and supported very much for the growth of this movement in Tamil Nadu. Dear Church, families, teens and youth Lets come together in his love and “Reunite-Revive-Reach out”